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about this forum

Posted: 29 Mar 2019, 21:13
by Breenild
  • In this forum your have the ability to change the language of the software, to what ever you like.
    Have a look into your profile settings!
    (If you miss a language, please ask me, and I will try to get that language).
  • You also have the ability to subscribe threads, or even complete forums.
    Then you will get a email for each posting in this thread or forum.
    Of course, you can unsubscribe that at every time!!
  • If you like to send screenshots or photos into this group, the please use an external picture hoster,
    like for example

    Please never send copyright protected pictures into this forum, like photos from newspapers, online magazines etc.
    Only send pictures, which you took by yourself!

    If people are visible there, then make them unrecognizable!